Kalu Naga, hailing from Chennai co-owns Vijay Sarada Devi (Sharada Devi rec), India is a Hitech & Twilight psytrance Dj/ artist. He started to explore his love for electronic music especially psytrance since 2007 and started Dj’ing from 2010-11. After Playing for Many Years in festivals in and around India. Kalu Naga Gives A Sense Of Perception to the listeners with his fast hard basslines, insane breaks, deep intrinsic harmonies by weaving a journey, unforgettable.

He has shared the stage and also hosted many renowned international and Indian acts such as Yahtzee (Maniac Psycho Pro), Inspector (Kamino Records), Umber Vamber (PatGap Music), Pantomiman (Looney Moon Records ), Dark Whisper (Alice-D Records), Diksha & Synkronic (Looney Moon Records), Maramba, Kindzadza (Osom Music) and many more.