You know about the terrible and scary effects of climate change but don’t know how YOU can help? We hear you; it can all seem pretty intimidating.

While government and corporate action are paramount, as a citizen of our beautiful planet, all of us can make better choices in our everyday lives and help tackle climate change.

To help you, we’ve launched a 12 workshops series called “हम Prithvi से”. Over 6 weekends, we’ll teach you the basics of home composting, how to make and embrace natural body and home care products, grow food at home and much more!

You can sign up for individual workshops or all 12. Those who sign up for all 12 workshops will receive a complimentary Low Waste Living Starter Kit to help you embrace your Earth-friendly journey! 🌍



 23rd October, Saturday,

4 to 6.30pm

If you’ve been dreaming about having an urban jungle/farm within the confines of your home then this workshop is for you.


24th October, Sunday,

4 to 6.30pm

Learn how to keep your plants healthy and happy with our all-natural recipes. Your plant babies will thank you for all the love you show them.


Workshop Fees:

1 workshop- Rs 500/-

2 workshops on 1 Weekend- Rs 900/-


Please get in touch with us at humprithivise@gmail.com or connect @hum_prithvi_se on Instagram for any further details.

If you miss a workshop there will be no refunds and neither will the workshop be repeated again.

Please keep a pencil and notebook by your side to take notes.


Please keep a pencil and notebook by your side to take notes.